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The main mandate of the CAAP-GÎM derives from the Act Respecting Health Services and Social Services. This law provides measures which allow individuals who are dissatisfied with Health and Social Services to express their dissatisfaction. In addition, it defines the rights of users of Health and Social Services and the responsibilities of each of the stakeholders within the network.


The mandate that has been entrusted to the CAAP-GÎM is to assist and support, upon request, individuals who wish to file a complaint regarding services received or that should have been received from a Health and Social Services network. These include:


  • Health and Social Services centre (CSSS):
    - a hospital centre (CH)
    - a residential and long-term care centre (CHSLD)
    - a local community service centre (CLSC)
  • a rehabilitation centre (CR)
  • a Child and Youth Protection centre (CJ)
  • a corporation or person with an agreement to deliver health care and social services
  • an ambulance service
  • a community organization
  • a foster family or foster home
  • a certified private retirement home
  • a Health and Social Services agency.


The CAAP-GÎM assists residents of the Gaspe Peninsula and the Magdalen Islands with their complaint procedure regarding a Health and Social Services institution, the Health and Social Services Agency, the ombudsman or if necessary, the medical, dental or pharmaceutical board of the institutions. Upon request, the CAAP-GÎM can also assist individuals from other regions if the institution involved is within the territory of the Gaspe Peninsula or the Magdalen Islands.