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The Centre d’assistance et d’accompagnement aux plaintes Gaspésie/Îles-de-la-Madeleine (Complaint Assistance and Support Centre Gaspe Peninsula/Magdalen Islands), commonly known as the CAAP-GÎM is a community organization that assists individuals who are dissatisfied with the services provided by a Health and Social Services or who have difficulties in connection with these services.


The CAAP-GÎM team is composed of assistance and support professionals who provide services throughout the Gaspe Peninsula and the Magdalen Islands.


The CAAP-GÎM is a non-profit organization controlled by a board of directors. Its structure and operations ensure that it plays an independent role in relation to the Health and Social Services network.


In addition, this community organization is mandated by the Minister of Health and Social Services to assist and to support, upon request, individuals who wish to file a complaint concerning the services received.


The CAAP-GÎM is funded by the Minister of Health and Social Services and produces an annual report of its activities.





The CAAP-GÎM provides front-line support services to individuals who wish to express their dissatisfaction with services they have received or should have received from Health and Social Services. CAAP-GÎM’s assistance is available to the person receiving these services, to his/her support person or to his/her legal representative.


CAAP-GÎM’s intervention aims for the satisfaction of users and the respect of the rights of individuals who use the services provided by Health and Social Services institutions. This intervention respects an individual’s needs and proceeds at the individual’s own pace.


The CAAP-GÎM works in collaboration with the Complaint Review Board professionals on matters pertaining to Health and Social Services.


The CAAP-GÎM contributes to the improvement of these services and suggests actions that could improve the health and welfare of the community.