Our assistance makes a difference!





The CAAP-GÎM offers free and confidential services. The CAAP-GÎM’s action aims to assist individuals who are dissatisfied with the services received or will receive from the Health and Social Services to express their dissatisfaction in order to obtain services that adequately meet their expectations.


The CAAP-GÎM offers the following:
• Information
• Assistance





Intervention from the CAAP-GÎM begins with receiving and analyzing the individual’s request.


The CAAP-GÎM’s personnel provides information that helps individuals in their process to resolve the problem, both by informing them of their rights and recourse concerning Health and Social Services and, also, by explaining possible alternatives. Through information sessions, collective information is another service offered to citizens.


The CAAP-GÎM’s personnel also directs individuals towards medical, social and community resources that can assist them in getting the help that meet their needs and therefore contribute to their welfare.





The assistance and support professionals at the CAAP-GÎM assist individuals, their representatives, third parties and user groups in a process aimed towards the satisfaction, the respect of rights, improving the quality of services or by suggesting actions that could likely improve the health and welfare of the population.


The CAAP-GÎM’s personnel offers the necessary assistance that the individual needs in order to comply with the formalities and procedures of his or her situation.


Practices and interventions include, among others: clarifications, file documentation, research, formulating a complaint, explanation of possible interventions, administrative communications, follow-up, support, requests for intervention, group or systemic interventions, etc.





The CAAP-GÎM is involved in the community and collaborates with organizations that contribute or try to better the quality of services offered by Health and Social Services. Conferences, participating in meetings, participation in working groups, reflection on subjects of interest are but a few of the activities that are offered by our organization.